Speaking and advisory work

In addition to my academic responsibilities, I undertake selected advisory work and speaking engagements, and work with professionals to apply insights from my research to their organizations.


I work with the most senior leaders of leading professional service firms around the world to enable them to recognise and address deep-seated organizational challenges.

My academic research provides a neutral and objective context in which to address highly sensitive and potentially conflict-laden issues. The frameworks and insights I have developed over more than two decades of research offer clarity and new perspectives. In collaboration with leaders, I get to the heart of extremely challenging problems and develop strategies to resolve them.

Sometimes this can be achieved through a single, very intensive senior leadership off-site; sometimes it is a longer-term undertaking, such as an ongoing series of interventions or working an independent non-executive role on Boards.

Typically I advise on a range of issues relating to leadership, governance, partner management, and strategic change.


I speak at professional and partner conferences and leadership off-sites, as well as acting as a facilitator for senior executive teams. I am also asked by leading professional service firms to speak to their clients. Before undertaking a speaking engagement, I typically interview professionals within the organization, to enable me to tailor my insights to their particular issues.

I speak on subjects relating to leadership, governance, partner management, and strategic change: for example, on understanding leadership dynamics, developing an effective partnership ethos, overcoming impediments to growth, and pre merger planning and post merger integration.

Recent speaking engagements include:

House of Commons, London, UK - Professional service firm mergers: The extreme change challenge

Harvard Law School, Cambridge, USA - Why partnerships work

London Business School, London, UK - Insecurity and the gig economy in professional services

Allen & Overy, London, UK - Leading autonomous followers in professional services firms

KPMG, London, UK - Leading in professional service firms: The journey to partner

ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain - Understanding leadership dynamics in elite professional service firms

Thomson Reuters, New York, USA - Leading professionals: Power, politics, and prima donnas 

Academy of Management, Atlanta, USA - Professional service firm governance

HEC, Paris, France - Leadership dynamics and the unstable equilibrium in professional service firms

Watch the video of me speaking at the launch of my most recently published book, Leading Professionals: Power, Politics, and Prima Donnas.





Two podcasts from my New York launch of "Leading Professionals"

Oxford University Press and Thomson Reuters interviewed me about my research, how I do it and why I wrote the book.


Financial Times - Professor of the Week

I defined the term ‘Leadership Constellation’ (described in chapter two of Leading Professionals: Power, Politics, and Prima Donnas) when I was profiled as the Financial Times ‘Professor of the Week’.


Leadership dyads: The ideal leader is two people

In this article for Thomson Reuters I talk about the dual-leadership model, or leadership dyad, that is common in professional service firms.