I have written and/or edited three books with Oxford University Press, which are listed here.

Chapters that I have contributed to books edited by others are listed in the Research section.

Published 14 September 2017

Leading Professionals: Power, Politics, and Prima Donnas

By Laura Empson

‘This is a landmark study of the issues around leading professionals. The lessons are crucial to leaders of any organization that depends on highly talented, highly motivated, highly demanding individuals. They hold as true in the worlds of media and culture as they do in the traditional professions.’ Lord Hall, Director General of the BBC

‘Empson's eloquent and superbly researched book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the challenges of organizing knowledge work and of leading knowledge workers through influence and inspiration rather than authority.’ Professor Paul Adler, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California.


The Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms (2015)

Edited by Laura Empson, Daniel Muzio, Joseph Broschak, and Bob Hinings

‘The Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms is my single most valuable book. I refer to it constantly when writing, reviewing, and thinking about professional service firms. I applaud the editors and authors for their scholarship and care in producing such a comprehensive and user-friendly resource.’ Professor David M. Brock, Editor-in-chief, Journal of Professions and Organization

‘This excellent Handbook brings together an outstanding cast of scholars to address the range, nature and behaviours of these firms. The Handbook will surely be inspirational not only to those already captivated by this class of organizations, but to scholars coming to them for the first time.’ Professor Royston Greenwood, Telus Professor of Strategic Management; Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta


Managing the Modern Law Firm: New Challenges, New Perspectives (2007)

Edited by Laura Empson

‘The publication of Managing the Modern Law Firm marks something of a seminal moment in the development of management theory in this market. For the first time... academic and professional heavyweights have faced up to the scale and unique complexity of law firm management.’ The Times

‘...a valuable collection of essays...check out the book’ The American Lawyer


Stefan Stern reviews "Leading Professionals"

Management writer Stefan Stern has written a lively review of my latest book for "Jericho Times". He says the book "shines a bright light into a previously under-explored world".


Crossing the research–practice divide

I discuss how academics can make a difference and what are the rules of engagement with professionals.


Steering law firm strategy

I am interviewed for Harvard Law School's "The Practice" on how strategy has evolved in law firms and who is driving it.